He arrives on earth from outer space and then drops the bombshell.


The three-eyed earthling had initially served as one of Dragon Ball's earliest and best villains.


The most powerful and most sinister of the dragons, who transforms into Omega Shenron after absorbing all seven of the Dragon Balls.

Omega Shenron

A lot of people were by surprise, and the final showdown with Garlic Jr. is just as epic.

Garlic Junior

Garlic Junior

He was locked away for ten million years, but he eventually escapes and begins terrorizing the universe again.


Some truly epic moments, especially when it comes to sheer malice and intimidation.


Cooler is perhaps one of the most underutilized villains in all of Dragon Ball.


His appetite for destruction and the nonchalance with which he carries out his duties makes him a truly terrifying villain.


The Ginyu Force served as a fantastic appetizer for the final showdown with Frieza.

The Ginyu Force

Broly was an incredibly one-dimensional character and made for a lackluster villain even at the best of times.


He is an immortal god hiding in an alternate version of Goku's body.

Goku Black

He is responsible for creating the evil androids that destroyed the earth in Future Trunks' timeline.

Dr. Gero

The two androids that have caused Goku and his friends so much trouble thus far are only the first phase in Gero's evil plan.

The Androids

Buu is able to absorb just about anyone and even changes his appearance with each new Z-fighter that he ingests.

Majin Buu

He served as one of the biggest threats to the planet. His many battles with Goku were some of the best to feature.


He is one of the most intimidating and entrancing villains with which Goku and his friends square off.


Cell's ability to absorb people was downright terrifying and his transformations were more than a little reminiscent of Frieza's.


He announced another form sent viewers' imaginations into overdrive.