The Greatest Shonen Anime Of All Time (July 2022)

The Future Diary

It is an incredibly popular anime amongst horror and thriller fans.

When They Cry

This show starts off as a generic slice-of-life anime, but it doesn't take long until it gets much darker.

Happy Sugar Life

Satou will do anything to maintain the daily life that she has with Shio, even if it means resorting to violence.

Madoka Magica

The show goes down a surprisingly dark route despite the cute character designs & overall magical girl theme.


The show can be simply described as a slice of life horror, one of those anime shows that takes viewers by surprise.


It is introduced to the viewers as a polite yet stern teenager who's looking forward to the upcoming summer vacation.

Angel Beats

It describe as a dark supernatural show that covers depressing stories about each of the characters.

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