The Greatest Fantasy Anime Of All Time 

Best OF Best Anime

Humanity has Declined and finds humankind at a low point in its history.

Humanity Has Declined

Violet found herself working as a messenger, a role that causes the doll to gain direct experience.

Violet Evergarden

It revolves around Aladdin & Ali Baba entering massive towers and searching for treasure.


It centers around Ginko, a guy who travels around Japan searching for Mushi. 



Hunters exist to investigate the world's secrets &, take on a dangerous foe.

Hunter X Hunter

A brilliant story of loss, hope, forgiveness, regret, hilarious, devastating.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

It has been arguably the most popular anime of the last decade.

Attack On Titan

Its fever spread after it first aired in the United States in 2002 after already having massive popularity in Japan.


This fantasy, horror, intense psychological, and mind-blowing fight scenes make an anime unlike anything else.


A legendary hero invited to an ancient Japanese kingdom was granted a special sword, spear, and bow, only to be given nothing but a shield.

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

An ultimate fantasy weapon or item with him for quest.


A fantasy regions and species all gathering in the Western Restaurant Nekoya to debate which meals are the most delicious

Restaurant To Another World

Satoru awakens in a world as a slime, one of the weakest monsters around, find ways to survive.

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime

The show is so popular it resulted in numerous spinoffs including one where the main characters are drawn in chibi form and run a cafe.


Anyone that loves high fantasy and magic will absolutely adore Black Clover.

Black Clover

How the story slowly changes each time he dies and new parts of the story are revealed is incredibly satisfying.

Re:ZERO Starting Life in Another World

A young girl who aspires to be an adventurer like her mother meets a robot made of technology.

Made In Abyss

A human stuck as their game avatar in a medieval-esque world similar but not identical to an RPG.

Overlord 4

It is a hilarious show that follows an isekai protagonist after they are sent back to the real world.

Uncle From Another World

With roughly 1000 episodes and more than a dozen movies, One Piece is an absolute juggernaut of an anime franchise.

One Piece