Eren's 15 Best Quotes, Ranked From Attack On Titan 

"If You Win, You Live. If You Lose, You Die. If You Don’t Fight, You Can’t Win!"

"I Want To See And Understand The World Outside. I Don’t Want To Die Inside These Walls Without Knowing What’s Out There!"

"I Don’t Have Time To Worry If It’s Right Or Wrong, You Can’t Hope For A Horror Story With A Happy Ending!"

"There’s No Time To Figure Out If This The Right Thing To Do! Just Move - Don’t Try To Keep Your Hands Clean. That’s Right, The World Is Cruel."

"At The Very Least... Let It End At Your Hand. Historia... Eat Me... And Save Humanity. It’s All... Up To You."'

"I’ll Wrap It Around You Again... As Many Times As You Want. Now And Forever. That’s A Promise!"

"We’re Born Free. All Of Us. Free. Some Don’t Believe It, Some Try To Take It Away. To Hell With Them!"

"You’ll Never Know. If You’re Not The One Who’s Continuing To Take That Path... Unless You Keep Moving Forward."

"If Someone Is Willing To Take My Freedom... I Won’t Hesitate To Take Theirs."

"Ever Since I Was A Kid... Mikasa. I’ve Always Hated You."

"You Were Ignorant Children. And All Of That Was Beaten Into You By Ignorant Adults... What Could You Have Done To Fight Back Against That?"

"So If We Kill The Enemy, The One Waiting For Us On The Other Side, Will We... Finally Be Free?"

"I’ll Just Keep Moving Forward... Until I’ve Killed My Enemies."

"Fight. Fight. Fight. Fight! Fight!!!"'

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